Become a Teacher

Join the Institute for Strategy and Cultural Diplomacy (ISCD) as a teacher and become part of a dynamic team dedicated to fostering global understanding through education. Our instructors play a crucial role in bridging cultural gaps and promoting strategic insights, helping shape future leaders with a nuanced appreciation of international affairs. If you are passionate about education and cultural diplomacy, we invite you to apply and contribute to our mission of transforming classrooms into arenas of global dialogue.

How to become a teacher

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Benefits for Young Scholars
Young scholars who join CSCD as instructors will gain invaluable experience by teaching diverse international audiences, enhancing their global perspective and pedagogical skills. This unique opportunity allows them to engage with students from various cultural backgrounds, enriching their own academic and professional growth while contributing to the development of globally minded citizens.
Instructors at CSCD are expected to uphold the highest standards of academic integrity and cultural sensitivity. They should create an inclusive and respectful learning environment, encouraging open dialogue and critical thinking. Punctuality, preparedness, and a commitment to continuous improvement in teaching methodologies are essential. Instructors must also comply with CSCD’s policies on professional conduct and intellectual property.
To start teaching at CSCD, applicants should first demonstrate their interest and expertise through a detailed application. This should include a statement of purpose, highlighting their passion for cultural diplomacy and teaching, as well as any relevant experience. Selected candidates will undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure they align with CSCD’s values and educational goals. Successful applicants will then be matched with classes that best fit their background and interests, allowing them to make a meaningful impact from their very first day.

Our Instructors

Bhavna Dahiya
Scholar, St. Stephen’s College
Bhavna Dahiya, a top graduate of St. Stephen’s College, India, is an acclaimed author and researcher with over 19 international publications. She has significantly contributed to international relations and climate diplomacy, representing India at global forums. As the founder of...
Irfan Pullani
Scholar, UN-University for Peace
Mr. Irfan Pullani is a renowned young scholar from India. He has received scholarly education from the UN-University for Peace and underwent training at the United Nations Office in Geneva.
Androvish G. Berrian
LLM, MA, and PhD in Philosophy
Androvish G. Berrian, LLM, MA, and PhD in Philosophy, is a distinguished scholar in art media. With advanced degrees in law and arts, he brings a unique interdisciplinary perspective to his work. Androvish's research and expertise span philosophy, media studies,...
Abdul Waris Hameed
Scholar, Security & Strategic Studies
Abdul Waris Hameed is scholar of Security & Strategic Studies and Artist from Pakistan He is leading Nashist, a photographer talk forum through you will be able to learn the blend of Arts and Strategy with the context of Soft Power!