International Youth Summit – Dubai 2023

Date: August 25-28th, 2023

Organizers: CSCD in collaboration with Voice for Rights International and Teaching Pakistan

The International Youth Summit Dubai, a collaborative initiative by CSCD, Voice for Rights International, and Teaching Pakistan, took place from August 25th to 28th. This transformative event was designed specifically for young individuals eager to embark on a journey of self-discovery and establish global connections. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Dubai, the summit offered a diverse agenda that encompassed cross-cultural exchanges, leadership development, and discussions on pressing global issues.

The summit’s comprehensive program covered a wide range of topics including leadership and emotional intelligence, the power of empathy and self-awareness, as well as entrepreneurship and opportunity creation. Youth participants from around the world enthusiastically joined this enriching experience, eager to explore new horizons and embrace leadership roles. The event proved to be an unforgettable journey of growth and empowerment for all attendees.

Key Highlights:

  1. Promotion of Cross-Cultural Dialogue: The summit emphasized open and respectful communication, focusing on honing cross-cultural communication and conflict resolution skills. The skills acquired at the summit are not confined to Dubai but enable meaningful cross-dialogues among youngsters worldwide, fostering understanding and mutual respect.
  2. Building a Global Network: The event successfully promoted the creation of a global community of young leaders. Participants were encouraged to forge collaborations and partnerships, laying the groundwork for future initiatives and fostering a network of like-minded individuals committed to positive change.
  3. Inspiring Social Responsibility: The summit cultivated a strong sense of global citizenship among participants. Motivating them to address pressing global issues, the event inspired attendees to take action and create positive change within their communities, instilling a lasting commitment to social responsibility.

The International Youth Summit Dubai was a resounding success, offering young individuals a unique platform to learn, connect, and grow. The summit not only provided valuable insights and skills but also fostered a global community of empowered young leaders ready to make a difference in the world.