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VENUE : Istanbul,

Sep 5th-8th, 2024

(5th Check- in, 8th Check-out)

Application Deadline (Funded) July 23rd, 2024

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Result Announcement
August 2nd, 2024

Application Deadline
(Self) August 5th

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Event Details

Young Public Diplomacy Summit

 Istanbul Turkiye 2024

The Young Public Diplomacy Summit (YPDS) in Istanbul offers an immersive and dynamic platform for young aspirants of diplomacy from all fields to explore the multifaceted realm of public diplomacy. Through a series of meticulously crafted modules, participants will delve into contemporary public diplomacy practices, the significance of indigenous cultures, the intersection of art and activism, and the pivotal roles of cultural attaches. They will also explore the strategic use of art to combat disinformation, draw inspiration from the legacies of Rumi and Yunus Emre, and harness the power of literature, poetry, and storytelling in cultural diplomacy. With expert-led workshops, interactive sessions, and visits to significant cultural sites, YPDS equips young diplomats with innovative tools and strategies to foster international understanding and collaboration.

Why Choose Us?

Our Program Features

Fish Bowl Conversation Model

An interactive discussion format where participants engage in dialogue within an inner circle while observers in an outer circle listen and later join the conversation.

Model United Nations

A simulation of UN meetings where students role-play as delegates, debate global issues, and draft resolutions.

Panel Discussions

Expert-led sessions where multiple speakers discuss a topic from various perspectives, followed by audience questions.

Youth Statements

Declarations or positions presented by young participants on key issues, reflecting their views and solutions.

CSCD Unique training

Specialized training programs by the Center for Strategy and Cultural Diplomacy focusing on cultural diplomacy and strategic skills.

Policy Workshop

Interactive sessions designed to educate participants on policy-making processes and engage them in developing policy recommendations.

Field Visits, Embassies, Govt Institutes, NGOs

Educational trips to embassies, government institutions, and NGOs to provide practical insights into their operations and roles.


1. Public Diplomacy in the 21st Century

Explore the evolving landscape of public diplomacy, its definition, strategies, and tools. Gain insights from case studies and a guest speaker, and participate in a workshop on developing effective campaigns and simulating strategies.

2. Indigenous Peacebuilding and Cultural Diplomacy

Understand the role of indigenous cultures in public diplomacy. Learn from indigenous leaders about preserving and promoting heritage for peacebuilding and international relations, and develop strategies to incorporate these perspectives into diplomacy.

3. Artivism: International Advocacy Through Art

Discover how art intersects with activism to address global issues. Engage with artists, activists, and diplomats to harness art for advocacy and storytelling. Participate in workshops and discussions on innovative strategies for impactful cultural diplomacy.

4. Cultural Attaches and Public Diplomacy

Examine the role and strategies of cultural attaches in promoting cultural exchange and international relations. Learn from experienced attaches about best practices and engage in simulations to practice relevant skills.

5. Art, Strategy, and Disinformation

Explore the fusion of art and strategy to address complex challenges and counter disinformation. Learn how art’s creativity combined with strategic thinking can shape perceptions and drive social transformation.

6. Rumi and Yunus Emre: Their Legacy in Public Diplomacy

Study the teachings of Rumi and Yunus Emre and their relevance to modern diplomacy. Engage in workshops and site visits to create public diplomacy messages inspired by their philosophies.

7. Literature, Poetry, and Storytelling in Cultural Diplomacy

Analyze the power of literature, poetry, and storytelling in cultural diplomacy. Participate in writing workshops, literary discussions, and storytelling sessions to use these mediums for fostering mutual understanding and cooperation between nations.
How our Programs look

How our Programs look



Funded Category

  • Summit Invitation Letter 
  • Return Air Ticket to the Best Public Diplomat
  • Accommodation for 3 Nights
  • Meals during the summit
  • YPDS Personalized Merchandise
  • Youth Statements & Interventions
  • Exceptional Community of Impact Creators
  • Certificate of participation
  • Opportunity for Internship at CSCD Incubations
  • 10 Weeks Virtual Course


Self Funded

  • Summit Invitation Letter 
  • Meals during the summit
  • Accommodation for 3 Nights
  • YPDS Personalized Merchandise
  • Youth Statements & Interventions
  • Exceptional Community of Impact Creators
  • Certificate of participation
  • Opportunity for Internship at CSCD Incubations
  • 10 Weeks Virtual Course
  • Opportunity to teach with us

Selection Criteria for Funded Categories


Quality of

Clarity, coherence, and overall presentation of the submitted application.

Education & Professional Experience

Relevant academic background and work history demonstrating expertise and competency.

Youth Engagement & Achievements

Active involvement and accomplishments in initiatives targeting youth development.

Creative Project & Communication Skills

Innovation in project ideas and effectiveness in conveying messages and concepts.

Interview & Social Action Plan

Performance during the interview and the feasibility and impact of the proposed social action plan.


The participation fee for the Young Public Diplomacy Summit (YPDS) is just $16 USD. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. If you are not selected for the funded category due to the competitive evaluation or are unable to attend as a self-funded participant, we have an exciting alternative for you. To ensure you still benefit from our expertise and network, our classes feature a diverse cohort with approximately 20 nationalities in each batch. You will have the opportunity to enroll in our exclusive 6-10 week virtual programs on public diplomacy, identities, public service relations, art, philosophy, and politics. These programs, valued at over $150 USD, are taught by young scholars and offer tremendous value, providing a rich and engaging learning experience that will significantly enhance your knowledge and skills in these critical areas. Learn more about our institute.

The Self-Funded Fee of $650 USD covers comprehensive benefits, including event merchandise, a certificate of participation, access to all modules, workshops, networking sessions, and summit materials. It also encompasses accommodation, meals, sightseeing, and a complete summit experience in Istanbul, ensuring a holistic and enriching participation.

Yes, financial assistance is available to support participants. YPDS offers various opportunities, including five fully funded slots covering all summit expenses such as event merchandise, meals, accommodation, and additional perks. Additionally, 15 partially funded slots covering 50% of the summit fee are available. An outstanding participant will be designated as the Ideal Candidate, receiving a fully funded package, including travel expenses, to be announced on the summit’s final day.

To apply for fully funded or partially funded opportunities, express your interest during the registration process and submit necessary documentation demonstrating your alignment with the summit’s objectives. Selection criteria emphasize merit and commitment.

Airfare is provided to the Ideal Young Public Diplomat based on criteria. As a social enterprise, we strive to maintain equilibrium, ensuring authenticity in both our merit system and program delivery.

The participation fee is non-refundable, although participants with self-funded opportunities may receive specific cancellation terms communicated individually. Applicants are encouraged to review terms and conditions prior to submission.

Participants selected for funded categories will enjoy comprehensive benefits outlined for each category, including event merchandise, a certificate of participation, meals, accommodation, and any specified additional benefits.

Transfers of registration to another individual are generally not permitted. Exceptions may be considered based on individual circumstances. For assistance, please contact our dedicated registration team.

Stay informed about summit updates, announcements, and real-time changes by regularly visiting the official summit website and following our official social media channels.

For any additional inquiries or assistance, our dedicated summit support team is available via or through the contact form on the official summit website. We are committed to providing assistance throughout your summit journey.

No, on-site payments are not accepted. The participation fee must be settled upon registration confirmation and is non-refundable. All participants, including those granted funding, must complete registration and payment beforehand.